FSC for Packaging Box


FSC paper is made from durable and well-managed forest . only if all parties in the supply chain are FSC certificated , the product is allowed to be printed the FSC trademark .

If you corporate social responsible organization , here we have the availability to produce your Luxury Rigid Packaging Box With Foam Inside from FSC paper , you can make a statement .

The FSC task to promote environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management activities, to achieve these goals, which advocates voluntary, independent, third party certification means the main method. Each country's certification is based on 10 standard criteria and evaluation of forest common, including the factors of society, environment and economy. Forestry managers and evaluators are certified according to these factors. FSC forest certification process requires 10 criteria and standards applicable to each country's standards. In order to ensure the local conditions suitable for reflecting the guidelines and standards should be an industry wide representative to discuss the principles and standards of adaptability.

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